Astounding Surroundings - The Beauty of Faux Flowers.

It might seem odd to talk flowers when we have truly been abandoned by Summer. However foliage, flowers and greenery all provide us with aesthetically pleasing, softened lines as well as botanical bursts of colour and nurturing hues. They really can cast calm into our homes and provide little oases of tranquillity.

While fresh flowers are fabulous and the ultimate finishing touch, today’s faux varieties are extraordinarily realistic – a world away from artificial flowers and evergreen foliage from years past. Popular components of a display can include anything from symmetrical succulents to the more cutting edge cacti. So look around your home and imagine favourite places to introduce these (in)organic wonders.

Traditional, old fashioned, blousy blooms like the Hydrangea in deep blues, lavenders, antique pinks and whites. The romantic Peony Rose. Defy the short-lived natural seasons with an array of blossoms and buds!

Big is beautiful – oversized, exotic, architectural tropical leaves add a wow foliage factor. Try a Philodendron (like the 70’s Cheese Plant), Banana Leaves or a Fatsia to add a touch of soft, decadent drama.

Symmetreical succulents and tall cacti are a strong trend adding interest and placed in sets of three offer realism with, of course, little maintenance needed.

Image - New Faux Flower Range launched this year by Abigail Ahern

Andrew Bradley