Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

A popular line, mirrors are great tools for your home. They come in so many shapes, sizes and styles and are the ultimate in versatility. They introduce light, expand space, provide a decorative look and create instant polish with very little effort.

A reflected space can be refreshingly different – looking at a room reversed will make you appreciate anew the features and effects you have created. Mirrors can emphasise colour and size by setting things in a new context. They can add depth and create special effects … and of course no one can resist quietly checking oneself out!

There has to be a mirror for everyone, whether your taste is edgy, modern, classical or retro. A bold and gorgeous mirror can be the focal point of your room. I love statement mirrors – they can become a work of art. Location and placement are key when you want to visually expand a room or a certain space so you need to take care and view it from all angles.

Try something new: Place multiple mirrors on a wall to create a designer look! The scale and size of the mirrors should be in proportion to each other and to the background wall. Avoid small mirrors on a large wall (not a good look – unless you use lots!).

Mirrors should be an integral part of your home, well placed, aesthetic and enhancing. So go on and hunt out some stylish, reflective beauties!

Picture – Large retro wall mirror by Capella - £399

Andrew Bradley