Exciting Lighting

Whatever your personal taste there is an abundance of styles and sizes, so enjoy creating your look - the one you’re going to love to live with. For starters here are 5 desirable interior lighting trends.

• French refined: Lighting inspired by the charms of French classic interiors. Richly layered with the texture of distressed paint, finished with glittering crystal accents. Popular and easy to obtain from a variety of high street outlets. Why not try antique and collectable outlets - don't be put off by a little dust and get your self something truly unique!

• Modern Mix: Marvelous ... no longer lumbered with one look, this eclectic mix allows your own creativity and interests to be expressed. Retro themed lighting is fun and it’s fabulous how 1950s style floor lamps have made a popular come back. Mix with plain utilitarian pulley lights for great presence against bold wallpaper or a plain cool grey. Modern Mix - its your call just don't go to crazy with clashing colours!

• Lux Living: As the title says - luxury, opulence a lot of glitz and glamour and why not? Chandeliers balanced out with wall lights, standard lamps or table lamps with elegant lines. Plenty of crystals surrounded by reflective mirrored furniture. This lighting is the ultimate in prestige, however you can shop for your own budget from crystal at the top end. But take a fresh look at glass and fun harlequin coloured acrylic chandeliers - they're fabulous!

• Industrial: Aged iron and weathered wood with burnished steels have a surprisingly warm look. There is a huge choice just by using these key elements. Re-salvaging original materials is getting more adventurous, so just conceive an idea and try Pinterest for some amazing ideas.

• Classic : You can't go wrong with classic styles - they've stood the test of time. British and Italian makers feature beautifully crafted designs oozing elegance, quality, simplicity and class – they will fit any environment and again, don't overlook the importance of table lamps.

Whatever style you decide to light your life, revel in it and appreciate all its different moods! Send me your pictures – I’m interested!

Andrew Bradley