Spring into Action

Its time to think colour, and spring into action with the anticipation of some welcome sunshine – let’s start with exteriors

Firstly - stand back & look! Then go up close & look!

It’s a good idea to stand back and look at your home’s surroundings and think about the choice of colours to endorse and compliment your location – like an artist painting a picture. Then look close up – very close up - at the colours and textures of the walls – you’ll see some great colours hiding there! Work with them.

Take care and time at this stage, Match Pots help to avoid expensive mistakes. Colour trends this year feature cool, soft hues blended with subtle, warm tones. High on the list is grey, which can come cool or surprisingly warm, but is always sophisticated with a commanding presence.

To make the most of your investment, always remember preparation! There is only one rule – a sound, dry surface free from dirt & grease.

Then, on bare wood use wood knot to keep natural resins in and apply a combined primer & undercoat. For previously painted surfaces sand back to achieve a sound ‘key’.

Finally comes the satisfaction of applying two coats of fabulous colour – eggshell or gloss for outdoors.

Hope this gets you all thinking, go on and give your world a fresh look and feel good. Send me some pics of your projects...or any queries - I’m happy to help.

Andrew Bradley