A Super Stress Solution

Have you heard? Clearing up, having a declutter, actually makes you younger!

It’s a statement that is not as insane as it first might appear.

How can you enjoy your home when it is overrun with mess? Most people who are stressed have a lot of clutter about – coincidence or cause and effect?

Physician and researcher Roberta Lee has written a superb book about this; “The Super Stress Solution”. It explains that when you are surrounded by mess, clutter and disarray you secrete a hormone called cortisol – not so good as it can leave you with symptoms of looking and feeling tired and haggard!

There is something saintly about having a good clear out and don't you feel lighter and uplifted? Plus it's a great way to get those interior projects underway – create a clean canvass. Rediscover your surfaces! Advantage: less to orgainise. Everything must have its place, keys, phone and glasses. Advantage: faster exit.

Having decluttered, keep in mind the hard work that you have put in and the time invested. Choose the theme of your interior project wisely. Think twice about new purchases and make sure that they give you the feel good factor. Advantage: you will spend less.

The less you have – by which I really mean the more discerning you are – the less you will feel overwhelmed, and another clear advantage: less and easier cleaning.

So let’s enjoy our homes. It will help us all to be happier.

Andrew Bradley