How Important is a Good Night's Sleep?

In each and every one of the four seasons your master bedroom should be your retreat; a place where you can forget all the madness.

If you consciously set out your home to be the summer walk through the woods, rich with natural colours and textures, then your bedroom can be the calm and relaxing destination by following a few simple steps.

· Can I suggest that for a calm and quiet atmosphere you select tranquil greys, greens or blues with other natural tones such as warm whites and beiges.

· Keep bright and jarring colours out of furniture and fabrics; bright colours add energy and your goal for the master bedroom is to create the opposite effect.

· As discussed last month, remove clutter! It is distracting and immediately imposes a sense of chaos.

· Surround yourself instead with good books or magazines (not work related), beautiful throws and sumptuous pillows. Layering textures will create a soft, sinking and snuggly sensation

· Biggest tip – don't leave the house without making your bed; return to happiness!

Have your say and send me an inspirational picture of your bedroom, be it heaven or hell!

Andrew Bradley