What are the Next Key Colour Trends?

If you’re a home décor lover you may have heard news filtering north about colour trends. Having just attended an International Colour Consultant’s talk on design & colour I have to say there are mixed messages!

“Cream will be back!”, “Blue is becoming big”, “Grey is still strong”. My conclusion is all have their place and that colour is wonderful when it is put together with passion and panache.

Classic creams are cosy and easy to live with. Blue is predicted as the warmest colour this year, from deep royal to vibrant Mediterranean, but please use sparingly, perhaps as an accent wall (yes, they are still going strong and look great), or why not liven up your dining chairs? The darker blue tones can feel snug and atmospheric whilst the more vivid tones liven up a space. Any tired, pale kitchen could take on a dramatic fresh look without traumatising your purse or wallet!

It feels that darker colours are in everywhere this year, including the garden. Think black fences against white brick walls – the famous monochrome statement. Raised wooden plant beds stained with an off-black or charcoal

Grey will accentuate natural greens and your flowers will pop!

And finally, have you thought of dark greys & blacks for garden furniture? It can so easily look grubby with pale colours – darks will work well and age better – win-win!

Andrew Bradley