Opposing Trends of 2015 - So which is it to be?

Trend One : Honesty & Authenticity – featuring original, raw characteristics reaching out with both strong natural and calming neutral tones. It’s the great old adage “less is more”.

Natural fabrics all slubby and draped in your window space; oversized cushions for comfort; all made up of muted, natural tones such as linen greys and browns with touches of earthy blues or greens. These colours have a calming effect and give you the artistic licence for inspired accessories and styling.

To create this look search for a simple piece of furniture or a large accessory (you may already possess this). Something like a hand crafted wooden bench or a piece of neutral earthenware … then inspect the colours up close and build up related textures & hues with fabric, artwork & useful accessories.

Trend Two : Colour Colour Colour! It’s bold, eye popping and daring, with heaps of attitude. Whilst it’s not for the faint hearted the search for colour can be bountiful. There are beautiful examples of wallpaper and fabric out there that can add an extra fab into fabulous.

I’ve talked about it in previous columns. To get going up-cycle a piece of furniture in a gorgeous shade of midnight blue or even orange. It will have a surprisingly warming effect. Wallpaper the insides of cupboard doors or wardrobe doors. It will make you smile and give visitors an element of surprise. Don’t look just at your walls – see the fifth wall above and paint or wallpaper a ceiling in a bold colour.

So which is it to be?!

Andrew Bradley