Storage Storage Storage.

OK, now here’s a subject we can all talk about - storage – or more usually the lack of it. But really, is that true? How often have you put something away and not seen it again?... and why??... because you don’t really need it!!

There I go again, harping on about clutter and clearing out. Before starting any storage project please give some thought towards making your home not only look great but function well.

When you are ready to organise your storage – keep it simple. Baskets and boxes of various sizes will get you on a steady path in the right direction. They come in all colours and materials so there’s no need to be boring. But if that’s not your way go for neutral tones so they blend in the space and don’t become a focal point. It’s the small touches that help make your home individual as well as functional.

Good ideas:

Get shelving into fitted cupboards, use your boxes or baskets so they are easily moved and placed back

Put hooks on the back of wardrobe doors for belts, scarves or necklaces

Install cupboards to the maximum height the room allows – use all the space and don’t have a gap to the ceiling

You could use vintage cases or chests, stacked on top of each other (large, medium, small), or placed on top of wardrobes.

Turn a bare bedroom wall into display shelves for your favourite shoes, bags and accessories

So forget cardboard boxes and ugly plastic crates from the DIY store. Think stylish to conceal your clutter.

Andrew Bradley