Rug Rules

With more and more people opting out of carpets and embracing wooden floors, and more recently porcelain tiles with clever and realistic wood impressions, choosing a rug that complements your home is ever more important.

Choosing a style that reflects your own character is paramount, but a close second is ‘invest in quality’. Apart from the obvious benefits of a longer life and resisting wear & tear, classic designs usually stand the test of time.

Here are a few ideas to whet your apetite:

* • Abstract, silk, hand-knotted rugs from ‘Anthropolgie’ (I’m such a fan of this company, it’s a fantastic success story – don’t bypass one if you see a store, go in and be inspired). Their faded patterns fit comfortably in modern or traditional homes; great versatility but does have quite a price tag!)

* • ‘Not on the High Street’ (wherein you can find all sorts of lovely independents). Try a search for a Matisse inspired rug – you will find an effective colour mix with great sculptural qualities – if a burst of colour is what you’re looking for!)

* • The Benni Rug is everywhere – named after a nomadic tribe from Morocco, it is plush and palatial. The distinctive pattern brings great statement. It’s so popular with home stylists for advertising an inspirational lifestyle. No wonder they look great, and with careful searching priced very well.

Hope you find your perfect rug!

Kairen x

Andrew Bradley