Create Stylish Lighting. It's Like Salmon!

We all have lights! But what matters is how to use lighting to its best advantage – it is the creator of moods and the route to the right atmosphere in each room.

OK, Start! Take a good look around your home; what’s missing? What strikes you? Are you enhancing the best features or are they skulking in the shadows? It’s time to highlight and value the merits of lighting, the most underestimated tool.

Good lighting creates a layered effect in the same way that interior designers use colour to layer and texture. Use down lighters on pictures and works of art. Use up lighters to highlight architectural features. Use strip lighting (inherently energy efficient) to turn simple shelving into a spatial feature.

Add pendants and lamps; spotlight your fireplace, coffee table, painting or another favourite feature. Up light a window wall and it makes a space look as though it has just been redecorated (not a tip I should be giving being a Farrow & Ball stockist – but it’s a simple truth!).

Having an entire energy efficient LED (light emitting diode) lighting scheme has reduced in price dramatically in recent years, but the benefit is in the energy and cost saved in the medium term. The chandelier pictured can be sparklingly lit with 12 LED bulbs that in total use less than a traditional 50W bulb! So chandeliers, the timeless marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture, have become affordable to all of us – like salmon!

Pictured – 12 Arm 82cm Cut Glass Chandelier - £595 from Capella Home & Gift

Andrew Bradley