Switch, Switch On & Enjoy!

Do you enjoy your kitchen appliances, or are they just basic necessities? Shouldn’t something we use many times a day be a joy? Let’s look at a few brands that have style.

Kitchen Aid – they offer exciting colours (34 to be exact) and the range looks solid. The kettle & toaster look hi-tec, the mixer has a powerful motor & is a strong performer. The designs are classics and I’ve heard the range is the most requested on wedding gift lists.

Dualit – again at the top end of the price range but quality does conquer all. While other toasters fade, short out or just plain stop working the Dualit range is consistent – and highly rated. Oh, and they do look good. I’ve also heard that John Lewis will do them in ‘made-to-order’ colours! Some users comment that the kettle & toaster can be a little slow, but it is universally agreed that they last – for years and years. Oh, and have you seen the copper detail? Divine!

Russell Hobbs – who has never had a Russell Hobbs?! They were the first to invent the self-stopping kettle – hurrah for saving all those burnt out elements. They have a variety of classic and modern designs that combine quality with affordability – so not a bad purchase – you can also get some limited edition designs.

All in all we are spoilt for choice out there – so switch, switch on & enjoy!

Andrew Bradley