Beautiful Homes Deserve to Sparkle in Spring, so here are a few Out-of-the-Box Tips!

It might surprise you that your kitchen sink can be a hotter hot-bed of bacteria than your loo – but it’s troo – so clean it and THEN disinfect leaving it for at least 5 mins, then wipe – just once a week.

Next every household needs a gorgeous little container that suits your style - it could be cute, vintage & lidded like this.

Use it to store little riches of “it saves a lot of frustration” bits such as stray buttons & lost game pieces. When you need them you will know exactly where to look first – total in-the-box satisfaction.

And then … love your oven! Keep the heart of your kitchen clean by lining the bottom with non-stick oven liner – it’s great for those enthusiastic ingredients that just love to bubble & expand out of their dish. Put in the dishwasher and re-use over and over.

Finally – totally new to me but these work – I’m talking about our mattresses. Yes, I know we should turn them every so often (unless you have an integral topper .. mmmm), but how many of us do it? Even fewer of us will have sieved baking soda on our mattress, however it will gradually draw dirt & moisture out & eliminate odours – sounds good (oh, then hoover it off). Next time you change sheets tuck a few tumble dryer sheets (the ones with essential oils if you can) under the mattress cover to create a subtle, fresh scent while you sleep – I like this one a lot!

Andrew Bradley