Notch Up Your Inspiration Level with the Extremely Versatile Tile.

Tiles can be a clever part of any room in your home. Here are a few different ways to incorporate these durable little wonders. To create a cultured look and give the front entrance the wow factor look at natural stone tiles such as limestone. They do need a little maintenance (a treatment every so often) but you can get porcelain tiles with just the same effect, and no worries about staining.

Why not give an interesting look to your stairs and dress up the kick plates? An ordinary staircase immediately becomes enthralling. It will be your personal style, whether its colourful mosaic tiles or self-coloured embossed tiles to add texture. Think about the landing to highlight a change in direction – use colour to point the way.

If this is all a little daring (but what an impact it would make) think about windowsills or open shelves, or tile the inside shelves of cabinets in bold colours (really love this idea). To open a cupboard door and be greeted by a lovely splash of colour – nice. The finishing touch might be your fireplace. Be artistic and create a unique wall art.

Well, I hope that's wound up your inspiration a notch or two. Go and look around your home and see where you can put some more personality into it.

Andrew Bradley