Creating Cushion Comfort and Charm.

Cushions can transform your room from blah boring to interesting, alluring, amusing, exotic or just down right attractive. They are a real mood changer and can be cleverly used to stimulate seasonal charm and character.

There is an infinity of choice across a broad price range so you can indulge yourself inexpensively. Plains, Geometrical, Botanical, Tropical and many more with star quality to tick your box (I love mixed metaphors).

Be careful if you have an allergy to feathers but if it’s the “must have” cushion it’s easy to replace with a suitable filling.

Quick guide to fillings:

Feather – do need plumping up regularly, but great cushions

Fibre – some are too soft so may go flat quickly

Foam – it may keep its shape but can feel stodgy

Duck feather - the most popular; a natural filling, soft and supportive and plump allowing you to nestle and snuggle

Feather & Down – very luxurious having a high loft and recovery – very soft and sumptuous and well worth the extra cost for your favourite cushion design

So go out and find your personality in scatter cushions – a perfect finishing touch.

Picture: Carola van Dyke Country Beast Cushions, Duck Feather, £95, from Capella Home & Gift, Settle.

Andrew Bradley