Wallpaper - Is It In Or Out?

Well, the trend indicates it’s on the up! And this includes the traditional and classic to the bold and graphic, so there is a huge scope to go at. The message is “wallpaper is back in a big way”.

Metamorphose those walls – go beyond the paint makeover and combine the two styling elements to define your personal style and add oodles of character. Try and choose a quality wallpaper, it always ends up being a hundred times easier to hang – you know you’ll find it ultra frustrating if it starts to rip and tear as you manoeuvre it into position. I’m not saying it has to be expensive, a cheap roll doesn’t always mean poor quality – check by really feeling the paper between your thumb & finger.

There are so many marvellous designs to reflect your life style. From country animals to the more exotic and tropical. From architecture, maps, books and botanical to contemporary, geometric designs. And each subject can be subtle or bold, delicate or strong, soft or vibrant colours – ask for textures too. 

Go out and look and you will find a host of different style interpretations. When you narrow down your choices ask for samples from the stockist – they are free! Live with them for a while, pinned up on your wall, or get creative and have fun making a mood board.

Andrew Bradley