Interior Design - Thinking about Child Safety.

If you are a parent, parent to be or guardian, safety has to be a priority. So let’s have a look at creating a loving and safely appointed home, reducing unforeseen risks for your little ones.

Shelves: Check they are free of splinters and hard paint chips. Give them a good tug … are they sturdy? We don’t want our little treasures in a heap (I mean the child!). Bolting freestanding shelves into the wall is the safest measure.

Furniture: Check for wobbly legs (not yours), it’s best to move unsafe pieces of furniture. If there are sharp, protruding edges cover them with cushioned covers. Try and discourage using sofas as trampolines and for general horseplay.

Fireplaces & Heaters: A lot of this is common sense but there’s no harm in going over the obvious. With young children around cover the fireplace area with a childproof screen or block the fire off completely. Think about sharp fireside tools and flammable fluids – keep out of reach. Never leave a child alone in a room with a fire going – even for a second!

Think about the position of a bed or crib and make sure no heater is within the child’s reach or even close enough so it’s possible they could throw covers over them.

More next week about looking after the safety of our little loved ones within the homes we love.

Andrew Bradley