Art for Art's Sake!

At first I thought I would need pictures, lots of pictures, to inspire you with fabulous arty ideas, but that wouldn’t be a small article in our best-loved glossy; it would turn out to be epic volumes of books!

So we’ll start with how to start thinking about your space … and if you’re not staging your home to sell or let, then it’s very personal. There are many routes to go down, the best being to follow your gut feeling. Art has to please you and you alone.

However, it’s good to explore options, become more aware of what’s out there and develop your creative thoughts – enjoy the process! Memories of person, place or time could be held within a picture, but sometimes we can’t explain why we love a piece of art – we just do.

We all instantly recognise a canvas that is beautiful. Acting on impulse can be scary, but missing the moment can be worse. A piece of art you love is one of the most wonderful ways to invigorate a standard (boring even?) room. But always keep an open mind

• Modern abstract wall art is often more at home in a contemporary setting, usually on a plain, neutral, painted wall

• Metal wall art – there are some beautiful designs trending

• If you are lucky enough to have a large gallery wall then treat it to a large piece of art

So showcase your individuality, whether it be conventional or the unexpected!

Kairen x

Andrew Bradley