Three Questions That Need To Be Answered - Part I.

So your thoughts may be turning to a room makeover? Does the prospect fill you with delight or distress? You may look for help but you want your own stamp on it. It’s pretty personal. It’s about you, your family, your personal needs, your likes & dislikes, how you use and live in your home.

Let’s sit back and think about it. Whether you’re looking for help or planning it out yourself there are three questions that need to be answered and we will go through them over the next three issues of Aspire. So the first question: Is there anything you love or hate about your room?

Don’t take a quick glance around and announce that you are throwing everything out and starting again! Thinking through this question will help you understand your own taste better so start making a short list of things you definitely want to replace and one thing you appreciate the most. Looking for a focal point that you love is a great place to start a makeover – the rest of the room can take its cue from an important prime focus.

When you are considering the things you don’t like always bear in mind that “one person’s poison is another person’s meat” so it’s more than possible that someone else in the home might love it! It’s your family home so everyone’s loves, likes & dislikes matter; plus the more you decide to build on the more you keep the re-styling costs down!

Andrew Bradley