Three Questions That Need To Be Answered - Part II.

Well, the second question is close to my heart – colour. “What colour do you love, what colour do you hate, what colour inspires you?” (ok, that’s three questions). What draws you into a room and makes you happy within? Cool neutrals or warm neutrals, strong colours or a clever fusion? It’s very personal.

Deciding colours you definitely dislike in a setting isn’t always straightforward. You might think you don’t like greens for example but take time to find out what is available. There are greens with grey tones and greens with hints of sunshine, so it is worth exploring colours from the point of view of their background tones as well as foregrounds. I always ask my Farrow & Ball customers their favourite and least favourite colours, and particularly why – this usually turns into a fun conversation and it often helps broaden the options.

The other thing I do is ask if there is anything you have, or have seen recently, that inspires you. What colours are in the favourite piece in the room? It could be a prized picture or personal painting; a cherished chair with a fabric you love. Think broadly; it might be a darling dress or treasured dishes (in a dining room) – you get it! Adored items create inspiration; let them help determine your direction.

Andrew Bradley