Three Questions That Need To Be Answered - Part III.

I hope that by now our step-by-step approach to planning a room is helping you avoid any expensive mistakes and get the best out of your surroundings and budget. So far we’ve identified and built around our favourite pieces and used them to inspire a colour palette. The third and final question is “do you have a favourite look, style or designer that you want to help create your room?”

We are so lucky today that there are so many styles that are sustainable and won’t fade with fashion – there are very few trending looks that will grow old and become dated. So you have many choices – country, contemporary, classic, boho, scandi,… need I go on?

As you are pondering these options you may well realise that you are not so sure which you prefer. There is a way to be more decisive – it is the ‘make two piles’ assignment. Just go through and cut up a bunch of home magazines and make two ideas piles; one of what you love and one of what doesn’t do it for you (if you are feeling digital you can create two Pinterest Pin boards!). The trick is not to overthink it; just trust your first responses and feelings. When you have two healthy sets study the ‘like’ pile to help you get a more rounded feel for your own tastes. It will help you achieve your style goals!

Andrew Bradley