The Beauty of an Occasional Chair.

We all love an occasional chair and it’s one item we pick that might be slightly “out of kilter” with the harmonious balance of our interior, whether it’s the style of the piece or a quirky favourite fabric.

For the most part occasional chairs and sofas available in the UK are imported from Eastern Europe, China and the Far East which, particularly if we are price driven, is the route many of us would go. However, if you’re looking for longer lasting comfort and sustainable design ask yourself a serious question…

Do you want it to last? If yes, then you need to find out what the frame is made from. Look for hardwood frames such as beech, birch and maple, rather than a chipboard frame that has been stapled together. So make more of an investment.

Accent chairs can be fun and functional; the jewel of the boudoir; a serious note in a study. Or they can be purely for comfort and leisure, bringing colour and style to your space.

Todays smart designers and home decorators believe that each piece should stand on its own merit. I quite agree and we are lucky enough to have a host of talent in our area to guide us such as Dalesbred in The Courtyard, Settle – oozing quality.

Kairen x

Andrew Bradley