Window Treatments Part I - Design Dilemmas.

The windows in our world can be a bewildering mix of what, when and why!? So firstly, let’s think why – why invest in window dressings?

Well, ready made solutions can be quick and convenient, custom made can be an expensive proposition, so think hard about your house – is it temporary or is it my “forever home”? If it’s the first, then think about the return you might get on your property and budget accordingly. If, however, your feelings run deep with your home then bespoke pays off big time.

Nothing can enrich, polish & finish a room more than custom, tailored window styling. Curtains add lots of lovely softness to a room and work particularly wonderfully if there are no radiators in the way (if there is a radiator then always choose the floor length option to enhance the sense of presence, both when the curtains are drawn and when they are open).

Consider how the curtain pole or rail is going to be placed, and how far it extends. Generally extend it beyond the window so that the curtains fall mostly in front of the walls and frame the window. This method will preserve the most natural light coming into your room.

Consider what type of curtain heading:

* Pencil Pleat – traditional yet informal

* Pinch Pleat – go for hand sewn for a luxurious, tailored look

* Goblet – again, a tailored & luxurious look

* Eyelet – more of a modern look

…and many more – take an inspirational look on Pinterest or just take a little more notice of headings when you’re out and about.

Kairen x

Andrew Bradley