Window Treatments Part II - Cosy Linings

In part one we talked about how curtains can soften the lines of a room and how the different types of curtain headings create style types. Classic soft furnishings can also be made to add a little extra drama, and help with the heating bills! So, in Yorkshire particularly, we need to think about the different types of curtain linings.

I advise most of my clients to get their curtains interlined, either with medium weight domett or the more heavyweight ‘bump’ interlining. In short this helps your curtains have insulating properties – which is good. It will also help if you want to reduce noise coming in through the windows.

This extra layer of fabric is placed between the main fabric and the lining, so if you haven’t heard of it put it at the top of your curtain making requirements. It can transform the overall look as many beautiful fabrics can seem quite thin and lifeless on their own. In some situations it isn’t necessary, for example a very small window, or when the fabric is already weighty.

By adding the magic of interlining the change can be dramatic, oozing a sumptuous quality. So make your soft furnishing investment work for you, keep out those drafts and make your home more energy efficient.

One final word of ‘lining advice’; blackout lining for bedrooms is pure karma for a blissful night’s sleep .. zzzzz .. hope you find this useful.


Andrew Bradley