Window Treatments Part III - Going Roman.

Continuing our theme on a well dressed window – well, it’s such an important part of our home! To recap, we’ve talked curtains, curtain headings and the great benefits of interlining. What else is there?

Well it won’t always be curtains that will be the right choice, so this month we will look at Roman Blinds. As ever, there are various standards and qualities to be aware of. One simple rule is to avoid ones that have been machine stitched from side to side throughout the blind – make it classy with hand stitched. We’ve pushed the boundaries now & then with some pretty huge Roman Blinds but clean, elegant lines are the rewards.

Rather than dominating the room, Roman Blinds can blend in seamlessly, complementing existing décor. Go for quality fittings, an aluminium system with continuous chain operation rather than plastic tracks and messy cords; and of course all fittings have to be compliant with child safety legislation.

So choose your window treatment carefully, styling and colour matching to suit your interior. Roman Blinds can be the best solution for restricted spaces. In bay windows set the blinds in separate segments – stowed at different heights they can create an interesting look. They can also look fabulous together with curtains, so you can really go to town with fabric textures and patterns to provide a breath taking focal point.

So go on, make a stunning statement and think about all the elements of stylish window dressing.

Andrew Bradley