What Colour Will Your Front Door Be?

I love colour and, like a lot of us at this time of year, get the decorating bug. I was musing about the colour of front doors and concluded that, like clothes, interior decor and art, it’s a way of expressing our personality.

It’s the first impression we give to someone who is visiting us so I started to wonder what our front door colour says about our personalities - this is what I found out!

If you choose a bold colour like vibrant orange you’re a social butterfly, have a flair for entertaining and have a mind for a good challenge. A radiant red signifies a hospitable home with a warm welcome. A person with a red door likes a little attention and glories in living life to the full - which again goes hand in hand with entertaining.

Blue door? You are peace loving. You enjoy tranquility and value truth - you are well grounded and true to yourself. Grey they say can hint at indecisiveness - or at least you will look for compromise and take a look at both sides of an argument.

Glorious green suggests that traditional values lay within, but accompanied with simmering ambitions and will to strive for personal betterment. Also good with finances apparently!

Go through a black front door and you are entering into a world of order and control. Simplicity in style, elegant and sophisticated. White is just as it sounds - it creates clean lines and when entering you embark on a journey of clean, organised simplicity.

What colour will your front door be?

Andrew Bradley