Embrace a Touch of Summer in Your Home - Part II

Following last month’s perky ideas let’s continue the season of summer happiness and interior feel-good factors with another list of fresh touches for your home:

Firstly - the wicker way. Wicker comes and goes in interiors, but it currently does have a summer appeal and today old and new designs are working for every room, not just the conservatory. It is genial, with its rounded forms and natural, woody look. Explore more than just a wicker chair; hanging wicker lights have certainly become a summer favourite use of material.

Secondly – glam glassware. Swap out the classics and the boring; go for sipping your tipple out of coloured or crystal encrusted stems – it always makes drinks taste better! A definite punch for your glassware and displays.

Thirdly – sound a blue note. Dark blue’s moody hues are not solely reserved for winter months. Kitchen chairs in deep blue feel fresh when some light wood touches are retained for contrast. And, of course, bathroom ocean blue creates the rich tones of summer in the Caribbean.

Fourthly – sideboard dressing. Dress up any plain sideboard by setting it against a jewel toned wall (look up fabulous ‘Vardo’ by Farrow & Ball). Add a second layer above the sideboard with a metallic mirror. Add a further layer with a leafy green palm plant on the sideboard, then a bowl of seasonal fruit for the perfect, almost decadent, cocktail setting.

So plan to keep your home stunning and feast your eyes on your fresh features!

Picture – Crystal Stem Wine Glass. £8.99 from Capella Home & Gift, Settle

Andrew Bradley