Ready for Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows?

We’ve hoovered up the last of the pine needles. After Christmas it’s looking all a bit bare! So in this January issue I am thinking of cosy winter decorating and accessorising ideas to brighten up the dreariest Yorkshire weather day – let’s make the cold weather melt away, turn up the style and feel toasty.

Layer, layer, layer; it’s a good tip to remember and doesn’t need to be just in your snug. If you have open spaces, or dare I say a room occasionally sun filled, cosy them up too with luxurious layering. Perhaps a plethora of rugs that can be overlapped. Consider cushions large and small, arranged in a pile on the floor to welcome guests to sit where they feel most inviting.

Incorporate a variety of throws, from sheepys to chunky knits, possibly paired up with a fanciful foot-pouf (yummy). A sense of warmth can be created with shades of any colour, whether it’s whites, greys, golden yellows or deep hues of blue, there’s one for every cosy castle.

A few final tips: create a small collection of books – they evoke relaxation; add a couple of botanicals, real or faux – they soften edges & spirits; remember lighting! – lamps and candles are so easy on the eye and the essence of warmth, relaxation and cosiness.

Oo well, after all that cosy talk I’m ready for the hot chocolate & marshmallows! Let’s enjoy every season.

Image: For wonderful and warm interior ideas check out the book that features our very own Cowboy Kate from her Outpost at Low Bentham

Andrew Bradley