Not Much Has Changed But They Live Under Water.

This month’s style fix looks into the future (well at least as far as 2019 – “not much has changed but they live under water”) for a vision of what is going to excite everyone who loves their home.


1)   To stay ahead we must look to the stars, and it’s star gazing that top designers have been up to; scrutinising the skies for inspiration with heavenly results! Astronomy and Zodiac symbols will be demonstrated with finesse - arrangements of stars will be propelled into our fashion and interiors by these cosmic geniuses’s’s – ‘beam me up Scotty’!

2)   Bullion & Bush Fringe Trims: Now don’t cringe, you’re going to love it all over again – it’s a throwback to hippy and even to Victorian times. It’s going to embellish its way into your life – on your cushions, curtains (I still love bobbles too much to say ‘good bye’), mirrors, lampshades & throws (give me clean lines please, it’s all a bit fussy for me, but that’s just me)

3)   From the skies to the seas; we’re diving down for some ‘Blue Planet’ effects – scallops & scales – it’s curvy and shapely; a new wave of influence on chairs, rugs, lampshades…

 As well as being fringed and scalloped, look out! – we’re heading for concrete bathrooms, mermaid tiles, warm nude fleshy tones, dark kitchens, brass taps, … what next?! Thankfully glorious velvet, the fabric of life, is on the timeless trending track – I love it.


Andrew Bradley