Christmas Table Inspiration

Having family or friends around? Well it is the time for joy, happiness and sharing so, put your annual favourite recipes to the back of your mind temporarily and let’s take time to seek inspiration for our table setting.

There is a wealth of contrasting themes, colours and looks available at our fingertips but to truly get into the spirit we have to get into our local shops and enjoy the real feel of Christmas - on-line is convenient for commodities and emergencies but we are not robots!! Carefully curating the presentation of your cuisine is a wonderful way to enjoy making your home special for Christmas.

So what’s your approach?

  • The rich beauty of nature and outdoor textures - this is such an eco-friendly and cost-effective table. Think white linen and oversized greenery. Use pinecones to bring the outdoors in - see what’s available in your neighbour’s garden (ha ha - please ask first). Soft white votives and candles bring calm and congress to your table. 

  • Or do you feel fanciful - a touch of opulence maybe? Using dashes of silver, gold and other mixed metallics creates shimmers on your plates, glasses and candle holders - take your styling to a luxurious level 

  • Or a classic Christmas, homely & nostalgic? You can create the comfort with glamorous red bows; then fill a large statement glass vase with mixed baubles. Try music sheets as place mats to add that extra ho-ho-ho! 

However creative your table emerges I wish you peace and happiness and I look forward to talking to you again in 2019


Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 12.00.28.png
Andrew Bradley