Adding Character!

The buzzwords are millwork and wainscotting. They are keys to making a memorable and distinct interior. But first, it’s out with the cringeworthy word art! I’ve never personally been a big fan; I’m not saying don’t do it – just don’t overdo it  – long, mushy platitudes must be avoided! Vintage signs, maps & charts can have real appeal, in fact expressing yourself less literally can become much more meaningful.

So let’s talk millwork. Traditional homes look outstanding with deep baseboards, wide doorways and window casings. Picture frame mouldings and contoured raised panels are an admirable and natural fit. In modern homes we’re looking for cleaner, sharper lines; plain mouldings with more basic detail & shaping create a more graphic approach. Paint the panels to contrast with the walls, go for bold in 2018 and make a statement!

If this is of interest and has got your creative juices going then my article next month will take you further. There is a whole dictionary of millwork and I will take you through it. So whether you’re a DIY decorator creator or you just want to discuss your passion with a professional, it will give you an understanding of the basics required to realise stunning results.

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Andrew Bradley