Adding More Character!

Hello everyone. Spring is in the air and it’s feeling fresh … inspiring us home addicts to think some and maybe actually do some!

So, I wanted to enthuse some more about wainscoting, which is a lower third wall treatment made of solid wood; it could be pine, hardwood, moulded plastic or pressed board. It’s not a new innovation but will be trending strongly over the next few years. It fell out of favour in the 1950s but is now having a huge comeback.

It makes traditional homes look more authentic and new homes look richer. It’s very attractive, bifurcating a wall (did I just say that?) and adding substance and texture. Its functional side can be a saviour, covering up holes, scratches and other imperfections you may have inherited on the lower section of your walls.

So it’s both beautiful and practical. It used to be used a few centuries ago to protect lower walls against dampness and minor flooding. When capped with a chair railing it helped protect the wall against chair bumps and other day-to-day knocks and clonks that may disfigure plaster and dry wall.

Once it’s installed (check out your local joiner) you will instantly realise another standout benefit – the chance to use two great colours on your walls! White wainscoting will always be popular but, having said that, strong colours are definitely in vogue and, to be fair, really do enhance the visual interest of this fabulous wall architecture.

Andrew Bradley