Hanging a Picture.

No I’m not talking about the DIY instructions for literally hanging a picture – but it is fair to point out that, as simple as it sounds, you must make sure before picture hanging that it’s going in a safe place and solid enough to cope with whatever size and weight your pride & joy is!

It can be a bit of a balancing act (ha!) but just one picture can transform a room – and, believe me, you don’t need a Old Master classic or a Modern Mogul to give a space the desired look.

The number one biggest mistake I often see when visiting homes is that people seem to hang their pictures too high. Please, don't do this (very few circumstances call for it). The most desirable height from the centre of a picture, assuming there is no furniture below it, is within the range 155 to 160cm. So take time now and do a little checking, adjusting as necessary.

Now you’re well on your way to not only enjoying your art more by enhancing the whole space. If you’re hanging your pictures in a cluster or want a pattern, arrange it on the floor first making sure you’re happy with the spacing – and measure. This way you have a good chance of getting your vision correct the first time.

To prevent pictures being lop-sided (and it’s also a safer way) hang them from two points. They can be very easily adjusted. On a last note trust your eye, stand back and enjoy. If it looks right it is right!

Andrew Bradley