Alfresco Delayed.

Hurrah! We’ve got some long awaited sun – Alfresco here we come at last. Outside the house is one of our best spaces; part of our much loved home. Whether you have a back yard, a balcony or a classic garden this space can be playful, or even a little daring!

 For design ideas there are no better resources than Google, Pinterest & Instagram – lots of great, creative inspiration to suit anyone’s pocket. So before thinking colour, texture, furniture, planting, hard areas, lighting (all the usual suspects) think for just a moment or two how to get the best out of your space.

You want to maximise its use during the long awaited rays of sunshine so, yes, you’ve guessed it, make yourself a realistic checklist. Here are a few key questions to help you:

·     How are you going to use your alfresco space?

·     Do you think it will be used often?

·     Is it mainly for yourself, or for friends, family and different generations?

·     What time and for how long does the sun appear in the area?

·     And therefore will it be used most in the morning, afternoon or evening?

·     Do you want to use it in winter? (more popular in other countries, and not just the sunny ones!)

·     Are there trees overhanging that will drop leaves or sap?

·     Are there options to be under cover if (when) it rains?

Thinking about practical design questions such as these is the essential first step towards making the most of your well deserved relaxing and fun times.


Now where’s my Pimms?! x

Andrew Bradley