The Fifth Wall.

Thinking of re-inventing your space? Well look above to the stars and forget about statement walls – it’s all about statement ceilings for 2018-19. 

With all four walls and woodwork the same colour you can transform your ceiling – it’s a growing trend that people are looking up to! Whether it’s wallpapering, tiling, stencilling or painting the ceiling, it makes it the stand out feature in the room.

When you give it a bit more thought it’s not new – it’s been going on for centuries. How is the ultimate in opulence showcased in grand houses? Cherubs and marshmallow clouds! During the war years such extravagance and affluence became unthinkable so from the 1940s it fell out of favour as designers embraced the modern and the minimal.

So, with a different twist, this year is the comeback of “statement ceilings” – they are soaring up in style. Available are bold paint colours and tailored wallpapers so now we can rename the ceiling – the fifth wall.

Painting your ceiling is the quickest way to pack a punch. The rule to remember is that a stronger ceiling colour takes on a darker tone, so bear this in mind when making the colour choice. It will give a slight illusion of lowering your ceiling.

 If you are considering wallpaper then scenic prints can transform and soften a space, creating a more romantic mood. Give it some thought, it doesn’t stop there, but I’m afraid I’ve run out of ‘allowed’ space. I’ll finish with a quote from Vogue Magazine – “When done right, the risk is worth the reward”.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 09.41.49.png
Andrew Bradley