Bathroom Sanctuary.

Looking to update your bathroom? If your loo and sink are still in avocado green it’s really time to treat yourself. Above all a well designed bathroom is like the dream kitchen … it’s added value, money in the bank! Accept this and you can gain even more pleasure from it!

I read recently that internet searches on bathroom design have increased a massive 269 per cent from last year. Why shouldn't we want a space to relax and luxuriate in our own personal retreat? The emphasis for colour choice is on our well being.. earthy tones , muted colours and texture all help create the perfect bathroom sanctuary.

My advice for a big project is to seek professional advice, then it’s all about the detail. Refresh those old tired towels replace them with huge bath sheets (feel the comfort). Think about enjoying the experience... fresh sea salt or spicy... you can create your own atmosphere with diffusers and candles, shop for the fragarances and toiletries that are going to make you feel good.

If its possible pop in a quirky chair; there are some gorgeous neat designs that don't take up too much space.

Next, ... soften the edges, plants are cosy and did you know they bring oxygen into a room so breath in deeply. Worried about light? Well there is a wealth of faux plants that look like the real deal. If space is a problem, then hang them from a hanging planter.

The message is turn your bathroom into somewhere to relax, not a pit stop to wash and go.

 Kairen x

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Andrew Bradley