What Interior Style Am I?

It’s a good question to ask yourself if you’re a little unsure (and a lot of us are). It can be very confusing as we’re fed with so much information today. So I thought that going into the spring of 2019, when we often start to think about nesting, revamping and spring cleaning, I would throw a few questions at you! You have to trust your first response; I will give a little ‘in a nutshell’ description of each style to help firm up your instinctive direction.

·     Rustic – do you love raw materials? i.e. faded wood, antlers, textures, fresh flowers, cowhide rugs, earthy tones – browns, greens and gorgeous neutrals

·     Eclectic – do you just love to mix it all up? i.e. encompass a variety of periods and styles incorporating your past and present; maybe a mix of travel memories brought together by colour, texture and shape

 ·     French Country – do you enjoy an artful balance touching both earthy and chic? i.e. using soft whites, greens, rusty reds, pinks, blues and of course the French lavender. Toile is a famous French fabric/design emphasising the casual and imperfect – a few imperfections can make perfection

 ·     Contemporary – do you swoon at present day designs? i.e. designs that make distinctive use of strong, visible line, whether straight, vertical, horizontal or curved? Less is more and you showcase individual pieces to stand out and draw the eye.

 …and a final word from Billy Baldwin – “stick to the things you really love, an honest room is always up to date”. Thanks Billy – good advice for all of us.



Andrew Bradley