Praise the Qualities of Linen

We’re all interested in good food and increasingly in slow grown, organic ingredients – as nature intended. At Capella we were discussing how these developments relate to interiors and we realised that we already had a very substantial foundation stone in place. So we are going to praise the qualities of the linen fabrics we use for curtains, roman blinds, cushions, headboards, window seats, bedding, towels and upholstery all around the home.

Linen fabrics are generally understated but luxurious. It is a humble material but really creates layers of luxury. I personally love and use daily linen tea towels, bath sheets and hand towels – and nothing feels softer to go to bed with than linen bedding. Raw linen dusters really buff your prize possessions – it’s just so unbelievably versatile!

It relies upon the magical properties of flax. This blue flowered plant contains very strong fibres. This strength means that it can withstand all sorts of treatment and yet can be made into soft and supple luxury fabrics. So what can we do best with this earth friendly fabric?

·      Beautiful curtains and roman blinds – we use linen for face fabric and lining – it is light but substantial enough to give privacy and excellent heat retention (nothing looks better!)

·      Styling your table – not to look too formal or overly done but welcoming and instantly warming

·      Towels (a big vote from me). Always nice to the touch as tea towels but think about having them in your bathroom – a chic addition; absorbent and lightweight

·      Bedding! There’s nothing to compare with sleeping in between linen sheets – they keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot

And finally – did you know that apart from being a pretty plant the fibres and fabric are hypo-allergenic and actually moth-resistant. The world’s oldest fabric deserves to be a hit in your household.


Our Handmade Linen Curtains in our Windermere Showroom

Our Handmade Linen Curtains in our Windermere Showroom

Andrew Bradley