Loving Your Rental

Owning your house isn’t for everyone these days – renting is more and more a choice today for all sorts of reasons – simplicity and peace of mind, flexibility, a transition period, no big capital outlay, getting to know an area… I could go on.

I’m a great believer in the importance of liking if not loving your home and if you are renting there are so many more ways you can feel that warmth and comfort than a big paint-over or knocking down walls. So here are three “happy home” tips for renters: 

·      Change your light fittings. You usually find rental fittings are plain and pared back – here is an opportunity to get your personality stamped on your home - and don’t forget these lovely light fittings are yours – they go with you.

·      Windows are hugely attractive when they are well dressed. The drab drapes you often find in rentals just don't make a statement so do something colourful. Hunting around vintage and up-cycling shops or curtain exchanges (but don't give away the landlord’s curtains!) and discovering some discarded grandeur can be really satisfying – their loss your gain!

·      Next is green plants – whether foliage or cacti they all add soft lines – try layers of greeny hues and you will make your home look cool and interesting. If you’re worried you don’t have green fingers all is not lost – invest in fabulous faux flowers and foliage. Check them out at Capella and we can help you with a host of tips and tricks to get you all settled in.

So start making your rental feel more like your own!


Faux-so-real Plants.jpeg
Andrew Bradley